From the Director

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Join us for the third Education Weekend, "The Tradition of Enquiry," as we intersect communities, disciplines, families, and minds. Ideas move back and forth among those macro and micro spheres, cross-pollinating as they roam. If ideas are given a stage on which to surface, they may find friends there that look quite different to themselves but that cause them to move, change, grow.

Join us to see how these ideas breed questions and vice versa in symbiosis until, we find, ideas and questions seem indistinguishable. Oxford stages this event because the city was built in part upon the practice of minds gathering to generate questions.

Join us to keep different beliefs from living in a vacuum. Join fellow well-meaning, thinking believers to ask questions of each other.

Join us to hear and formulate ideas, bred from curiosity and surviving in questions—the wellspring of information and good conversation.

This year's programme promises big stories, big issues, big data, big ideas, and big questions, with plenty of room to add yours. 

You are invited to come ask away.

---Dr. Kate Worlton-Pulham