The Programme.


The programme of Education Weekend 2017: Oxford is inspired by the benefits of the interdisciplinary and cross-curricular learning inherent in Oxford's tradition of enquiry. Thanks to generous sponsorship, conference attendance is free and open to the public. Attendees are welcome to stay for all sessions, participate in the discussions, and, out of consideration, leave only when there is a scheduled break.  We look forward to generating ideas with you.

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Friday, July 7th and Saturday, July 8th

Check-in Friday, July 7th and Saturday, July 8th: 9:30 am

The Rhodes Trust Lecture Theatre, University of Oxford Saïd Business School

Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HP

Friday, July 7th

9:30-9:45          Check-in

10:00-10:10     Welcome: The Tradition of Enquiry and Questioning in 3-D, Kate Worlton-Pulham

Questions about Religion, Science, and Government

10:10-10:30     How Secure is Religious Freedom in the British Isles?:  A Historical, Comparative, and Contemporary Perspective, David Kirkham

10:30-10:50     Idea share

10:50-11:10     Explaining God Away?: The Philosophical Significance of Cognitive Science and Religion, Max Baker-Hytch

11:10-11:30     Idea share

11:30-11:50     Has Science Buried God?, Mari Ovsepyan

11:50-12:10     Idea share

12:10-1:00       Lunch

                            Lunch is available for purchase at the Saïd Business School Cafeteria.

Questions on Understanding

1:00-1:20         It All Started with Abraham: A Crash Course in Judaism, Jonathan Bard

1:20-1:40         Idea share

1:40-2:00         How Jewish Were the Early Christians?, Ian Finlay

2:00-2:20         Idea share

2:20-2:30         Break

Questions about Social and Cultural Issues

2:30-3:00         Screening and discussion of No Choice?, an original documentary on one young African refugee’s flight to Europe,

                            Devina Aggrey--director and producer

3:00-3:20         Idea share

3:20-3:40         Post-Truth, Post-Order, Post-West?: The Case for Evangelism in 2017, Mari Ovsepyan  

3:40-4:00         Idea share

4:00-4:20         Who Is the Predator?: How the Human Imagination Ranks the Natural World, Colin Williams

4:20-4:40         Idea share

4:40-5:00         Conversation from the day


Saturday, July 8th

9:30-9:45          Check-in

Questions on Understanding

10:00-10:20     Why Do We Need a Cross-cultural Understanding?: An East-West Perspective, Abdulrahman al Dabal

10:20-10:40     Idea share

10:40-11:00     Why and How Do We Build Interfaith Understanding?: A Muslim’s Perspective, Imam Monawar Hussain

11:00-11:20     Idea share

11:20-11:40     Is Truth Dead?: Finding Truth in a Pluralistic World, Luna Wang

11:40-12:00     Idea share

12:00-1:00       Lunch

                            Lunch is available for purchase at the Saïd Business School Cafeteria.

Questions about the Mind

1:00-1:20         Does the Brain Really Work That Way?: Commonly Held Misconceptions about the Brain and What You Can Do about Them, Brock Kirwan

1:20-1:40         Idea share

1:40-2:00         The Intentional Mind: Thinking in Terms of Purpose, from Systems Engineering to Human Living, Jeremy Dick

2:00-2:10         Idea share

2:10-2:30         What does a ‘Modern Pilgrimage’ mean?: Thoughts on the Road from Canterbury to Rome, Ronan Head

2:30-2:50         Idea share

2:50-3:00         Break

Questions about the Business Shake-Up

3:00-3:30         Why is Crowdfunding So Good yet So Scary?, John Hoffmire

3:30-3:50         Idea share

3:50-4:10         How Would You Disrupt Yourself?: The Execs’ Case for People-care, Kate Worlton-Pulham

4:10-4:30         How Does a Boss of 13,000 Manage People-care?, Abdulrahman al Dabal

4:30-4:50         Idea share

4:50-5:15         Conversation from the day